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Testimonials on Animal Health (3)
Testimonials on Animal Health 1. Brian Moore, Victoria, Australia.  I phoned Vaughan and asked if he was the one who consulted for my neighbour, John Wright, when I was farming in the Waikato, which he was. He told me about GrazingInfo and I join.....(Continued)
Testimonials on Lime (2)
Testimonials on Lime 1. Maurice Thomas, Victoria, Australia, Farmers are doing the same here in Australia as they do in New Zealand, i.e., dosing animals for worms when mineral deficiencies are the real problem. As recommended by Vaughan in New.....(Continued)
Testimonials on Pasture (5)
Testimonials on Pasture 1. Glen & Jen Bakewell, Taranaki. I rung Mike McKie yesterday and went and visited his Skeet Rd farm where Eric is sharemilking.  It was great to see some results of your work first hand.  There is an abundance of grass on t.....(Continued)
General Testimonial (13)
Testimonials 1. Bob Gjerdingen Though I no longer receive Graze-L, someone recently forwarded to me a copy of a posting where a person from a small town in Minnesota suggested that I should stop whining about Graze-L, get off the list, and "get re.....(Continued)
USA & Canada (40)
Testimonials From USA & Canada 1. Emily Carlson & Richard Norris, Evergreen Valley Graziers, Vermont, USA Thank you very much Vaughan for all your advice. Our farm has really benefitted from it. In 1992 using confinement, our total net income was.....(Continued)
Human Health (3)
Testimonials on Human Health.pages 1. Rick, Napier, NZ At age 30 my health started to go downhill with muscles breaking down so that every time I tried to do anything strenuous I would pull a muscle, or rip a tendon. I couldn’t play with my childr.....(Continued)
Testimonials on Newsletters (3)
Testimonials on Newsletters 1. Warren Beck Every thing going well on the farm at the moment thanks. Keep writing the newsletters they are about the only thing I read at the moment that relates to what is happening and needed on our farm. 
Testimonials on Solmin (20)
Testimonials on Solmin 1. Tony & Gwen Ashford, Ngatea, Waikato, NZ. We invited Vaughan Jones to our peat farm in 1989 after our farming had gone off the rails. Our peat was dead, which Vaughan explained was from not applying regular surface Lime.....(Continued)
Testimonials New Zealand (30)
Testimonials New Zealand 1. Chris and Jo Brennan, Tauwhare, Waikato, NZ. I have been here four years and I am new to farming but have found Vaughan Jones' approach uncomplicated. The big thing is that he is strong on the lime side of things. Ca.....(Continued)