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Animal Health (3)
1. Brendan, Waikato, NZ Thanks for your advice to not make face to face eye contact with cows as they walk into the herringbone. I had been doing it in the herringbone which stopped the cows entering. On Solmin now they are a lot quieter which makes.....(Continued)
LimeMagPlus & Gafsa (6)
1. Karen and Maurice Forlong, Atiamuri. We were very disillusioned by the fertiliser companyís continual "PastureMag Pumice" use so approached you in 2010. On your behalf, Jared Seymour put a LimeMagPlus recommendation together that we have used .....(Continued)
Pasture Tissue Analysis (1)
1. Dr Marco Turco (PhD), State University of New York, USA You wrote a fascinating piece about why Soil Sampling was useless and that Tissue/Plant Sampling was far more useful to grazing farmers. I was 'taken' by that article and read it repeatedly......(Continued)
Gardening (3)
1. David Coory, Hamilton NZ I consider I got very good value for money. Even my lawn is looking good. The LimeMag you recommended seems to have improved its greenness. 2. Rita Muller, Hamilton, NZ I liked your LimeMag mix mainly because it elim.....(Continued)
Spreadsheets (5)
1. Craig Brown, Waikato, NZ. Very useful. Feed Budget is very good & has all the relevant and other useful information. Being spreadsheets means you can tweak them to your own requirements, while most software canít be adjusted to suit. An excellen.....(Continued)
USA & Canada (31)
1. Emily Carlson & Richard Norris, Evergreen Valley Graziers, Vermont, USA Thanks very much for all your advice. Our farm has really benefitted from it. In 1992 using confinement our total net income was $15,176 with 16,042 milk lbs per cow. This in.....(Continued)
Human Health (3)
1. Rick, Napier, NZ. At age 30 my health started to go downhill with muscles breaking down so that every time I tried to do anything strenuous I would pull a muscle, or rip a tendon. I couldnít play with my children anymore and any physical activi.....(Continued)
Other Countries (10)
1. Santiago B, Argentina After reading your statements, I have a clearer idea about why acidosis happens. We are having good milk production now, and I think the low production we had was because of the transition to winter food. Anyway, now I know .....(Continued)
Thanks (8)
1. Amanda Withers, NZ Thanks so much for your reply. We are really keen on making some changes, and Don is reading your articles, he is well read already, but some of this information we have never been told. Your articles are just brilliant! 2......(Continued)
Feeding Solmin Minerals (15)
No other mineral mix has had surveys done like has been done for Solmin. Read the chapter in Feeding Minerals & Supplements > Solmin & Minerals Feeding. There is a spreadsheet that makes allocating Solmin quantities easy. 1. Sue and Ian Dobbs, Wa.....(Continued)
New Zealand (23)
1. Chris and Jo Brennan, Tauwhare, Waikato, NZ. I have been here four years and am new to farming but have found Vaughan Jones' approach uncomplicated. The big thing is that he is strong on the lime side of things. Calcium is a major part of the so.....(Continued)